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A Soul Recharged, LLC

We are our brothers and sisters keeper

Inspirational Poet, Life Coach, and Author Vanessa Barthel knows a lot about following  your bliss! Known to many as Poetess Vee Styles, her love to inspire never wavers. With compassion and her own life experiences, she writes to enlighten even the most hollow Souls! Her passion showed when she shared her work in the book: World Healing ~ World Peace Volume I: A Poetry Anthology 
Volume I (World Healing ~ World Peace 2014)-

Given the words and vision for A Soul Recharged, this voyage of self discovery has became more than just a book title! Part of the proceeds from A Soul Recharged, goes toward Women and Children Shelters. Once homeless and having lived in a shelter herself, this cause is dear to Ms. Barthel's heart. 

Also available under the  fiction ink name- SESHAT ARISING,  are "The Seshat Arising Presents Chronicles." The Color of Love - Volume I,  takes the reader on a journey into the lives of three best friends. Ever since meeting at The University of Florida, these three Gators have been peas in a pod. With family and friends in the mix, there is never a dull moment!

Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Barthel would like to thank everyone for their support.
Namaste ,
~Author Vanessa Barthel


A Soul Recharged

 I proudly declare! 

 My Spirit

 bears witness 

that hell could

 not keep me there.

 I am grateful

 to  still be here.

 I once was blind

 yet now

 I truly see.

 Yet some from my past

 swear they 



 Old habits

 have all disappeared. 

Solely because

 I have chosen to live!

-Author Vanessa Barthel

My Life
(Smooth Jazz Tribute To Mary J. Blige)
-4:20 Barthel Soul Recharged